Asta Powerproject

'Full power' construction project management software
Asta Powerproject provides construction planners with the power to plan, manage and successfully deliver construction projects of any size and complexity. It is used to create professional tender plans, manage the contract programme, record progress, manage labour requirements and for client and management reporting. What makes it truly unique is the way it combines ease of use with 'full power' construction-specific project management functionality. In addition, the licensing options make it cost-effective for everyone - individual planners, project teams and as an organization-wide solution which can be integrated with other key business systems. Asta Powerproject is used by construction and engineering companies of all sizes to deliver improved:

  • High performance, precise scheduling.
  • Easy management of trade contractors.
  • Control of project costs and resources.
  • Communication and collaboration - share plans with third parties (including data exchange with Primavera and Microsoft Project software).
  • Progress reports to stakeholders.
  • Powerful, tailored reporting.
  • Three licence options: Standalone licence for single users, concurrent network licence (each licence can be shared by typically 3 users but not at the same time) or as a server-based system, Asta Powerproject Enterprise, where multiple users can work on the same project at the same time.
High performance, precise scheduling.
Easy management of trade contractors.
Control of project costs and resources
Share Plans with third parties software
Progress reports to stakeholders.
Powerful, tailored reporting
Asta Powerproject Enterprise

Asta Powerproject Enterprise is Construction management software for multiple planners and users. It is a powerful project management software solution designed for larger construction projects.It combines Asta Powerproject, professional project management software for construction, with a central database that holds all project information and allows multiple users access to a single project plan. Asta Powerproject Enterprise also provides quick and easy progress reporting from site, together with customised reports on any aspect of the project.
With Asta Powerproject Enterprise you can:
  • Enable a number of people to access and work on the same project plan at the same time.
  • Collect data from multiple sites quickly and easily and then input it directly into the project plan.
  • Provide your clients and senior management with access to reports tailored to their requirements based on accurate, up-to-date data.
  • Asta Powerproject Enterprise is ideal for any construction project where a number of people need to access and update a central plan. Examples include: Communication and collaboration - share plans with third parties (including data exchange with Primavera and Microsoft Project software).
  • PFI/PPP projects
  • Large build programmes which employ more than one planner.
  • Project spread across multiple sites.
  • Multi-site refurbishment programmes.

Visualise your project geographically for informed monitoring
See high level reports at location view with drill down for detail
With GIS you get clear visibility over the status of your projects in a geographic context to help you monitor performance easily and seek more information where needed.
With GIS you can:
  • Highlight project locations that need attention
  • Drill down to photographs posted against each location
  • Drill-down into data for further interrogation
  • Improve communication between all stakeholders
  • Speed up the decision-making process for corrective action when needed
Keeping track of multiple projects spread across many locations can be difficult. Without an easy flow of accurate information it can sometimes seem that everything is on track until problems emerge when it is too late. Without a clear view you cannot have confidence all is on track.

Imagine how reassuring it would be to feel you were looking down from above on all your project activity and seeing if everything was OK. With the GIS application from Asta you can do exactly that. You can visualise your project status geographically on a map interface in Google Earth.
See the status of projects on map locations and click on each to see details.
Multiple project locations can be shown by latitude and longitude, with colour coded markers indicating project status for easy identification of which locations are on track and which need investigation. If everywhere you look is green you can be reassured all is going well. Wherever there is some cause for concern you are able to drill down to see project information detail.

Each GIS point allows you to create a link to a photo in the project data so that when you drill down to the project detail you can actually see the current status.

GIS can be used by any company which has projects in multiple locations.

Where the project involves a road, railway or other linear object, you can open a new Google Earth folder and merge with existing layer files that contain maps of the work.
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