Web Access

Low cost solution for remote project access and collaboration
View, edit and share all your current project data regardless of time or location for improved communication and project collaboration.
With Web Access you can:
  • Update project progress regardless of location
  • Facilitate faster, more efficient communication among stakeholders
  • Get access 24-7 to real-time project status reports
  • Improve communication and collaboration across your team
  • Enhance efficiencies through reduced administration
  • Implement a cost-effective solution for remote and occasional users
Projects involve many stakeholders such as the project manager, programme manager, project team, the client, senior management and so on. Making sure they all have access to real-time project information can prove complicated if not done so in a secure and controlled way.

Web Access is a web based project management tool providing remote or occasional users with secure access to real-time project data. Fully integrated to Asta Powerproject¡¦s multi-user solution, it has an easy-to-use interface for navigating the project hierarchy, creating and editing tasks, and updating progress remotely.
This view shows planned versus actual with a profit status indicator.
Progress can be updated by percentage and quantity as well as man-hours to deliver accurate, up-to-date report views to everyone involved in the project so they can see clearly the current status.

Through secure online access, the system enables project managers to remain in control of their projects when away from the office as they can log in from any location to see what¡¦s happening and update the plan. Senior management can access real-time status reports and drill down to analyse the data in more detail. By removing the time-consuming administrative burden of manual report collation and distribution, all stakeholders get visibility over the information they want, when they want it.

Web Access has a secure login facility with tightly controlled user rights and permissions so that individual access can be set according to relevance. This includes restricting to read only, allowing edit rights to specific tasks only and controlling which views are available at user level. The system also offers a ¡¥prepare for print¡¦ function, which removes all unnecessary data for more compact and readable project plans.
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