Time Sheets  
Track & Analyze Time for Increased Visibility
P6 enables organizations to track, capture, and analyze the time that team members spend on projects. Using P6, Team Members are able to execute on their detailed and defined tasks necessary to complete a specific portion of a project or program. It is overwhelming to take valuable time out of a workday to update status reports or report hours worked. Project team members can work with timesheets that are automatically populated with their own resource assignments across all projects. Time spent working can be recorded on each task, project related or otherwise. In addition, they can provide additional information direct to the project manager, such as document updates, status notifications and any additional notes or other pertinent feedback.

Achieve Enterprise-wide Insight & Visibility
Role based dashboards in P6 provide users with intuitive views and actionable data to support their project and portfolio responsibilities. The interactive dashboards give users the power to view information in ways useful to them by providing a selection of standard and organization-defined portlets that can be assembled into personal dashboards. Portlet tailoring gives users the ability to easily create any business view of portlet information required to support decision making. Users can set filters, re-sort information, add or remove columns, change graph types and perform other tailoring of portlets to meet their needs. Advanced printing functionality enables users to easily distribute information by printing content in portlets as standard reports.

Reporting & Analytics

Access the Right Information at the Right Place at the Right Time
P6 provides a robust and powerful enterprise reporting solution. In addition to the analytical tools, the reporting solution allows users to create operational reports and business intelligence analysis on portfolios and projects using any third-party reporting tool. The Enterprise Reporting databases provide two unique solutions: 1) Operational Data Store (ODS) for day to day operational views and 2) Project Star Schema for advanced business intelligence. By persisting all of the data found in the Project Manager database the enterprise reporting solution provides organizations with the ability to create unique reports on any project or portfolio. The reporting solution is compatible with any 3rd party reporting and Business Intelligence tool, and thus adapts easily to any organizations reporting strategy.

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